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......@@ -20,6 +20,17 @@ Fedora 19:
* unify killing logic of service, socket, mount, swap units
* downgrade selinux log messages
* logind: document new Resume signal and UnlockSessions call in wiki
* logind: when a delay lock is taken, delay method return until we are
out of a suspend cycle
* in "loginctl seat-status" we should mark the master device with a "*" or so
* if we have systemd-analyze in C "systemctl dot" should move there too
* fsck hookup for the ESP mount is missing
......@@ -31,19 +42,12 @@ Features:
* write man page for efi boot generator
* document bootloader interface in wiki
* link runlevel targets on install only if sysv compat is enabled
* logind: when executing sleep/shutdown job, keep track of its id, and
as long as the job is running refuse any further operation.
* maybe not install getty@tty1.service symlink in /etc but in /usr?
* re-enable "make check" for gtk-doc (broken for unknown reason)
* logind: make PrepareForSuspend(false) an official api for notification of resumes
* "systemctl disable" on a static unit prints no message and does
nothing. "systemctl enable" does nothing, and gives a bad message
about it. Should fix both to print nice actionable messages.
......@@ -51,8 +55,6 @@ Features:
* fstab: add new mount option x-systemd-after=/foobar/waldo to allow manual dependencies to other mount points
* add "loginctl unlock-sessions" as counterpart for "loginctl lock-sessions"
* cgroup attrs:
- don't filter out duplicate settings
- support high-level cgroup setting syntax in systemctl. Example: "systemctl set-cgroup-attr MemoryLimit 5K"
......@@ -68,8 +70,6 @@ Features:
* logind: optionally, ignore idle-hint logic for autosuspend, block suspend as long as a session is around
* service: when killing a service with SIGKILL always kill all processes, even if for SIGTERM we only killed the main process
* exec: when deinitializating a tty device fix the perms and group, too, not only when initializing. Set access mode/gid to 0620/tty.
* DeviceAllow/DeviceDeny: disallow everything by default, but whitelist /dev/zero, /dev/null and friends
......@@ -119,8 +119,6 @@ Features:
mode, it will never touch the RTC if the no reliable time source is active or the
user did not request anything like it.
* When we begin with system shutdown all kind of suspend/hibernation should be prohibited until shutdown/reboot
* When we update the kernel all kind of hibernation should be prohibited until shutdown/reboot
* hwdb:
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