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[PATCH] more overrides of config info with env variables if in test mode.

parent 5b52fccb
......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ char **main_argv;
char **main_envp;
char sysfs_path[SYSFS_PATH_MAX];
char *udev_config_dir;
char *udev_root;
char *udev_config_dir = UDEV_CONFIG_DIR;
char *udev_root = UDEV_ROOT;
char udev_db_filename[PATH_MAX+NAME_MAX];
char udev_config_permission_filename[PATH_MAX+NAME_MAX];
char udev_config_filename[PATH_MAX+NAME_MAX];
......@@ -72,36 +72,49 @@ static inline char *get_seqnum(void)
static void get_dirs(void)
char *udev_test;
char *temp;
char *udev_db = UDEV_DB;
char *udev_config = NAMEDEV_CONFIG_FILE;
char *udev_permission = NAMEDEV_CONFIG_PERMISSION_FILE;
int retval;
udev_test = getenv("UDEV_TEST");
if (udev_test == NULL) {
/* normal operation, use the compiled in defaults */
udev_config_dir = UDEV_CONFIG_DIR;
udev_root = UDEV_ROOT;
retval = sysfs_get_mnt_path(sysfs_path, SYSFS_PATH_MAX);
dbg("sysfs_path = %s", sysfs_path);
if (retval)
dbg("sysfs_get_mnt_path failed");
} else {
/* hm testing is happening, use the specified values */
retval = sysfs_get_mnt_path(sysfs_path, SYSFS_PATH_MAX);
if (retval)
dbg("sysfs_get_mnt_path failed");
/* see if we should try to override any of the default values */
temp = getenv("UDEV_TEST");
if (temp != NULL) {
/* hm testing is happening, use the specified values, if they are present */
temp = getenv("UDEV_SYSFS_PATH");
strncpy(sysfs_path, temp, sizeof(sysfs_path));
udev_config_dir = getenv("UDEV_CONFIG_DIR");
udev_root = getenv("UDEV_ROOT");
if (temp)
strncpy(sysfs_path, temp, sizeof(sysfs_path));
temp = getenv("UDEV_CONFIG_DIR");
if (temp)
udev_config_dir = temp;
temp = getenv("UDEV_ROOT");
if (temp)
udev_root = temp;
temp = getenv("UDEV_DB");
if (temp)
udev_db = temp;
temp = getenv("UDEV_CONFIG_FILE");
if (temp)
udev_config = temp;
temp = getenv("UDEV_PERMISSION_FILE");
if (temp)
udev_permission = temp;
dbg("sysfs_path = %s", sysfs_path);
strncpy(udev_db_filename, udev_config_dir, sizeof(udev_db_filename));
strncat(udev_db_filename, UDEV_DB, sizeof(udev_db_filename));
strncat(udev_db_filename, udev_db, sizeof(udev_db_filename));
strncpy(udev_config_filename, udev_config_dir, sizeof(udev_config_filename));
strncat(udev_config_filename, NAMEDEV_CONFIG_FILE, sizeof(udev_config_filename));
strncat(udev_config_filename, udev_config, sizeof(udev_config_filename));
strncpy(udev_config_permission_filename, udev_config_dir, sizeof(udev_config_permission_filename));
strncat(udev_config_permission_filename, NAMEDEV_CONFIG_PERMISSION_FILE, sizeof(udev_config_permission_filename));
strncat(udev_config_permission_filename, udev_permission, sizeof(udev_config_permission_filename));
int main(int argc, char **argv, char **envp)
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