Commit c31b4423 authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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systemctl: show sysv path if it is set if the fragment path isn't in systemctl status

parent 145b66ac
......@@ -75,7 +75,9 @@
* plymouth after/before getty?
* in systemctl show sysv init script path
* D-Bus call GetUnitByPID
* be more forgiving when parsing unit files, when encountering incorrect lines with non assignments
......@@ -1418,7 +1418,7 @@ typedef struct UnitStatusInfo {
const char *description;
const char *fragment_path;
const char *path;
const char *default_control_group;
bool need_daemon_reload;
......@@ -1467,15 +1467,16 @@ static void print_status_info(UnitStatusInfo *i) {
if (i->fragment_path)
printf("\t Loaded: %s (%s)\n", strna(i->load_state), i->fragment_path);
else if (streq_ptr(i->load_state, "failed"))
printf("\t Loaded: %s%s%s\n",
if (streq_ptr(i->load_state, "failed")) {
on = ansi_highlight(true);
off = ansi_highlight(false);
} else
on = off = "";
if (i->path)
printf("\t Loaded: %s%s%s (%s)\n", on, strna(i->load_state), off, i->path);
printf("\t Loaded: %s\n", strna(i->load_state));
printf("\t Loaded: %s%s%s\n", on, strna(i->load_state), off);
ss = streq_ptr(i->active_state, i->sub_state) ? NULL : i->sub_state;
......@@ -1623,7 +1624,9 @@ static int status_property(const char *name, DBusMessageIter *iter, UnitStatusIn
else if (streq(name, "Description"))
i->description = s;
else if (streq(name, "FragmentPath"))
i->fragment_path = s;
i->path = s;
else if (streq(name, "SysVPath"))
i->path = s;
else if (streq(name, "DefaultControlGroup"))
i->default_control_group = s;
else if (streq(name, "StatusText"))
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