Commit d3c7d7dd authored by Kay Sievers's avatar Kay Sievers
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update TODO

parent 27d1ae06
......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ Bugfixes:
* journald: make configurable "store-on-var", "store-on-run", "dont-store", "auto"
(store-persistent, store-volatile?)
* Add ConditionReadWriteFileSystem= so that systemd-sysctl doesn't get executed when /proc/sys is read-only
......@@ -171,7 +172,7 @@ Features:
* hide PAM/TCPWrap options in fragment parser when compile time disabled
* when we automatically restart a service, ensure we retsart its rdeps, too.
* when we automatically restart a service, ensure we restart its rdeps, too.
* allow Type=simple with PIDFile=
......@@ -299,13 +300,10 @@ External:
* systemd --user
(patch in linux-next, on the way to the next kernel)
* fix alsa mixer restore to not print error when no config is stored
* udisks should not use udisks-part-id, instead use blkid. also not probe /dev/loopxxx
* snd-seq should go,
* gnome-shell python script/glxinfo/is-accelerated must die
* make cryptsetup lower --iter-time
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