Commit da726a4d authored by Lennart Poettering's avatar Lennart Poettering
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exec: make sure O_NONBLOCK is off for all sockets passed as STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR

parent 2528a7a6
* oneshot services which do not remain: 'exited' instead of 'dead'?
it should be visible in 'systemctl' that they have been run
* systemd.log_level=debug should overwrite 'quiet' ?
* dot output for --test showing the 'initial transaction'
* have a simple syslog bridge providing /dev/log and forward messages
......@@ -64,29 +62,35 @@
* ConditionFileExists=, ConditionKernelCommandLine=, ConditionEnvironment= mit !
* oom_score_adj
* accountsservice is dod
* follow LSB exit codes spec in "systemctl start"
* auditd service files
* add systemctl switch to dump transaction without executing it
* shell wenn fsck im arsch is
* system.conf/session.conf brauch ne man page
* exec /sbin/poweroff als PID 1 und shutdown
* kexec, suspend, resume
* kill-mode=cgroup muss auch die mainpid killen!
* kill-mode=cgroup muss auch die mainpid killen!
* o_ndelay ausschalten für stdin/stderr/stdout auf socket
* kexec, suspend, resume
* follow LSB exit codes spec in "systemctl start"
* oom_score_adj
* fix isolate as runlevel
* rename failed/maintenance
* systemctl wrapping
......@@ -1038,6 +1038,11 @@ int exec_spawn(ExecCommand *command,
goto fail;
/* If a socket is connected to STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR, we
* must sure to drop O_NONBLOCK */
if (socket_fd >= 0)
fd_nonblock(socket_fd, false);
if (!keep_stdin)
if (setup_input(context, socket_fd, apply_tty_stdin) < 0) {
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