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      sysv: do not add sysv services that are not enabled in /etc/rcN.d/ to... · 9d25f5ed
      Lennart Poettering authored
      sysv: do not add sysv services that are not enabled in /etc/rcN.d/ to network.target or other LSB-style Provides: targets
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      device: do not merge devices · 8fe914ec
      Lennart Poettering authored
      Don't try to merge devices that have been created via dependencies when
      they appear in the system and can be recognized as the same.  Instead,
      simply continue to maintain them independently of each other, however
      with the same state cycle. Why? Because otherwise we'd have a hard time
      to seperate the dependencies after the devices are unplugged again and
      we hence cannot be sure anymore that next time the device is plugged in
      it will carry the same names.
      Example: if one depndency refers to dev-sda.device and another one to
      dev-by-id-xxxyyy.device we only learn at time of plug in of the device
      that it is actually the same device that was ment. In the moment the
      device is unplugged again we won't know anymore their relation to each
      other and the next time the harddisk is plugged it might even appear as
      dev-by-id-xxxyyy.device and dev-sdb.service. To ensure the dependencies
      continue to have the meaning they were intended to have let's hence keep
      the .device objects seperate all the time, even when they are plugged
      This patch also introduces a new Following= property which points from
      the various .device units of a specific device to the main .device unit
      for it. This can be used by the client side to figure out the relation
      of the .device units to each other and even filter units from display.
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