1. 26 Apr, 2014 1 commit
  2. 18 Jul, 2013 2 commits
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      Add changes from 175-7.2 NMU (Remove blacklisting of lxfb) · 8929a2ff
      Michael Biebl authored
      Patch courtesy of Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>
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      Merge remaining files from udev 175-7 · b56f8637
      Michael Biebl authored
      The patches from udev were either merged upstream, applied directly,
      added as files to debian/extra/ or dropped:
      - debian/patches/commit-4b50a3d0
        Applied upstream in 4b50a3d0
      - debian/patches/fix_gtkdoc_oot
        Fixed upstream
      - debian/patches/libudevpc_no_librt
        Fixed upstream in e712ffcc
      - debian/patches/vio_type
        Dropped for now.
      - debian/patches/debian_rules
        Added as debian/extra/rules/*
      - debian/patches/extra_agents
        Added as debian/extra/*.agent and debian/extra/hotplug.functions
      - debian/patches/extra_initramfs
        Added as debian/extra/initramfs.*
      - debian/patches/extra_installer
        Added as debian/extra/udev.*
      - debian/patches/extra_modprobeconf
        Added as debian/extra/fbdev-blacklist.conf and
      - debian/patches/extra_misc
        Added as debian/extra/links.conf and debian/extra/create_static_nodes
      - debian/patches/dont-build-some-helpers
        Dropped, since we will use the upstream firmware agent now
      - debian/patches/libgudev_in_usr
        Applied as 418b0a2d
      - debian/patches/rules_compat_qemu
        Dropped, only needed for kernel versions <= 2.6.32
      - debian/patches/use_run_tmpfs
        Dropped, since wheezy /run is mandatory
      - debian/patches/dev_root_rule
        Dropped, discouraged upstream
      - debian/patches/udevd_in_sbin
        Dropped, we will use the $libexec path now in the .service file and
        provide compat symlinks
      - udev_conf_comments
        Applied as c82d84e9