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      job: fix loss of ordering with restart jobs · dd17d388
      Michal Schmidt authored
      Suppose that foo.service/start is a job waiting on other job bar.service/start
      to finish. And then foo.service/restart is enqueued (not using
      Currently this makes foo.service start immediately, forgetting about the
      ordering to bar.service.
      The runnability check for JOB_RESTART jobs looks only at dependencies for
      stopping. That's actually correct, because restart jobs should be treated the
      same as stop jobs at first. The bug is that job_run_and_invalidate() does not
      treat them exactly the same as stop jobs. unit_start() gets called without
      checking for the runnability of the converted JOB_START job.
      The fix is to simplify the switch in job_run_and_invalidate(). Handle
      JOB_RESTART identically to JOB_STOP.
      Also simplify the handling of JOB_TRY_RESTART - just convert it to JOB_RESTART
      if the unit is active and let it fall through to the JOB_RESTART case.
      Similarly for JOB_RELOAD_OR_START - have a fall through to JOB_START.
      In job_finish_and_invalidate() it's not necessary to check for JOB_TRY_RESTART
      with JOB_DONE, because JOB_TRY_RESTART jobs will have been converted to
      JOB_RESTART already.
      Speeding up the restart of services in "auto-restart" state still works as
      Improves: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=753586
      but it's still not perfect. With this fix the try-restart action will wait for
      the restart to complete in the right order, but the optimal behaviour would be
      to finish quickly (without disturbing the start job).
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