1. 25 Mar, 2019 1 commit
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      Import Debian changes 237-3ubuntu10.14 · 45bfa444
      Dan Streetman authored
      systemd (237-3ubuntu10.14) bionic; urgency=medium
        [ Victor Tapia ]
        * d/p/stop-mount-error-propagation.patch:
          keep mount errors local to the failing mount point instead of blocking
          the processing of all mounts (LP: #1755863)
        [ Daniel Axtens ]
        * Fix an issue where IPv6 routes that specified PreferredSource
          would not be added - upstream bug #5882. (LP: #1812760)
          - debian/patches/networkd-don-t-remove-ip-address.patch,
            debian/patches/networkd-don-t-remove-route.patch: don't clear out all
            IP addresses and routes when starting, only ones not in the config.
            Required for the remaining patches to fully cover the field.
          - debian/patches/Move-link_check_ready-to-later-in-the-file.patch,
            debian/patches/Install-routes-after-addresses-are-ready.patch: wait
            until addresses are ready (not tentative) before installing routes,
            allowing routes with IPv6 source addresses to work.