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    • William Giokas's avatar
      man: Make options consistent · a7f5bb1e
      William Giokas authored
      Option listings seemed to be pretty much random, some were short opt,
      long opt, others were long opt, short opt. This just makes every option
      with a short and long opt that I could find in the order short opt, long
      opt, for formatting's sake.
  7. 26 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      man: extend systemd.directives(7) to all manual pages · ccc9a4f9
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      New sections are added: PAM options, crypttab options, commandline
      options, miscellaneous. The last category will be used for all
      untagged <varname> elements.
      Commandline options sections is meant to be a developer tool: when
      adding an option it is sometimes useful to be able to check if
      similarly named options exist elsewhere.
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    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      journalctl: add option to forgo ellipsization · e3657ecd
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      Sometimes it is better to see messages in full, and the existing
      set of options didn't allow this easily. E.g. now
        journalctl -f --full
      will behave like
        tail -f /var/log/messages
      of yore.
      Long option only for now, since small letters are becoming
      scarce, and this doesn't feel like a capital-letter-option.
      '-u' would be nice, and the above command would be spelled
        journalctl -fu
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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      journal: implement message catalog · d4205751
      Lennart Poettering authored
      The message catalog can be used to attach short help texts to log lines,
      keyed by their MESSAGE_ID= fields. This is useful to help the
      administrator understand the context and cause of a message, find
      possible solutions and find further related documentation.
      Since this is keyed off MESSAGE_ID= this will only work for native
      journal messages.
      The message catalog supports i18n, and is useful to augment english
      language system messages with explanations in the local language.
      This commit only includes short explanatory messages for a few example
      message IDs, we'll add more complete documentation for the relevant
      systemd messages later on.
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    • Andrew Eikum's avatar
      Reword sentences that contain psuedo-English "resp." · 16dad32e
      Andrew Eikum authored
      As you likely know, Arch Linux is in the process of moving to systemd.
      So I was reading through the various systemd docs and quickly became
      baffled by this new abbreviation "resp.", which I've never seen before
      in my English-mother-tongue life.
      Some quick Googling turned up a reference:
      I guess it's a literal translation of the German "Beziehungsweise", but
      English doesn't work the same way. The word "respectively" is used
      exclusively to provide an ordering connection between two lists. E.g.
      "the prefixes k, M, and G refer to kilo-, mega-, and giga-,
      respectively." It is also never abbreviated to "resp." So the sentence
      "Sets the default output resp. error output for all services and
      sockets" makes no sense to a natural English speaker.
      This patch removes all instances of "resp." in the man pages and
      replaces them with sentences which are much more clear and, hopefully,
      grammatically valid. In almost all instances, it was simply replacing
      "resp." with "or," which the original author (Lennart?) could probably
      just do in the future.
      The only other instances of "resp." are in the src/ subtree, which I
      don't feel privileged to correct.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Eikum <aeikum@codeweavers.com>
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