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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      service: ignore dependencies on $syslog and $local_fs in LSB scripts · 5d4caf56
      Lennart Poettering authored
      We no longer allow early-boot init scripts, however in late boot the
      syslog socket and local mounts are established anyway, so let's simplify
      our dep graph a bit.
      If $syslog doesn't resolve to syslog.target anymore there's no reason to
      keep syslog.target around anymore. Let's remove it.
      Note that many 3rd party service unit files order themselves after
      syslog.target. These will be dangling dependencies now, which should be
      unproblematic, however.
    • Lukas Nykryn's avatar
      systemctl,loginctl,cgls: do not ellipsize cgroup members when --full is specified · 9bdbc2e2
      Lukas Nykryn authored
      New file output.h with output flags and modes.
      --full parameter also for cgls and loginctl.
      Include 'all' parameter in flags (show_cgroup_by_path, show_cgroup,
      show_cgroup_and_extra, show_cgroup_and_extra_by_spec).
      get_process_cmdline with max_length == 0 will not ellipsize output.
      Replace LINE_MAX with 0 in some calls of get_process_cmdline.
      [zj: Default to --full when under pager for clgs.
           Drop '-f' since it wasn't documented and didn't actually work.
           Reindent a bit.
    • Kay Sievers's avatar
    • Kay Sievers's avatar
      service: sysv - remove distribution specific targets · 3f141375
      Kay Sievers authored
      Systemd should not introduce any new facilities. Distributions which still
      need to support their non-standard/legacy facilities should add them as
      patches to their packaging.
      The following facilities are no longer recognized:
      This target is no longer available:
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      shutdown: in the final umount loop don't use MNT_FORCE · 0c08f5cd
      Lennart Poettering authored
      MNT_FORCE is honoured by NFS and FUSE and allows unmounting of the FS
      even if consumers still use it. For our brute-force loop we rely on
      EBUSY being reported as long as a file system is still used by a
      loopback device or suchlike. Hence, drop MNT_FORCE to make EBUSY
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