1. 25 Jan, 2013 2 commits
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      service: make sure the watchdog timer is not restarted while stopping · 90527fbb
      Michael Olbrich authored
      A watchdog notification may be handled after the watchdog timer was stopped
      while stopping the service. As a result the timer is restarted and the
      service may be restarted as well.
      The watchdog timestamp is initially set during startup in
      service_enter_start_post() and cleared when the timer is stopped. Therefore
      it can be used as an indication if the timer should be reset.
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      service: really stop watchdog timer when stopping · 6d594baa
      Michael Olbrich authored
      For services without ExecStop= the state SERVICE_STOP is never entered. as
      a result the watchdog timer is not stopped and the service is restarted (if
      it is configuered to restart).
      Stopping the watchdog timer for SERVICE_STOP_SIGTERM as well fixes this.
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