1. 27 Apr, 2014 4 commits
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      Make kmod-static-nodes.service check for the kmod binary · 01cfdbcd
      Michael Biebl authored
      since we don't want a hard dependency on kmod e.g. for container
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      Update patches · 35800e13
      Michael Biebl authored
      Drop patches which have been applied upstream:
      - debian/patches/Fix-CPUShares-configuration-option.patch
      - debian/patches/Recognize-discard-option-in-etc-crypttab.patch
      - debian/patches/Start-ctrl-alt-del.target-irreversibly.patch
      - debian/patches/core-dbus-properly-export-cgroup-properties-on-socke.patch
      - debian/patches/initctl-use-irreversible-jobs-when-switching-runleve.patch
      - debian/patches/journald-DO-recalculate-the-ACL-mask-but-only-if-it-.patch
      - debian/patches/polkit-Avoid-race-condition-in-scraping-proc.patch
      - debian/patches/systemctl-mangle-names-when-avoiding-dbus.patch
      - debian/patches/systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev-remain-after-exit.patch
      Drop patches which no longer work after the cgroup rework:
      - debian/patches/Clean-up-closing-empty-sessions-when-not-running-und.patch
      - debian/patches/Make-sd_login_monitor_new-work-for-logind-without-sy.patch
      Drop patch which no longer applies and is supposed to be fixed:
      - debian/patches/Avoid-sending-sigterm-to-session-leader.patch
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      Drop numerical prefixes from patches · 6b3ad962
      Martin Pitt authored
      This avoids future diff noise when removing, cherry-picking, and merging
      patches. From now on, always use "gbp-pq export --no-patch-numbers" to update
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      Always probe cpu support drivers · 31ff3ae4
      Martin Pitt authored
      LP: #1207705
  2. 26 Apr, 2014 10 commits