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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      logind: when registering a new session always use previous session info from... · 954449b8
      Lennart Poettering authored
      logind: when registering a new session always use previous session info from cgroup path rather than audit
      Previously for cases like "su" or "sudo" where a session is attempted to
      be created from within an existing one we used the audit session ID to
      detect this and in such a case we simple returned the session data of
      the original session a second time.
      With this change we will now use the cgroup path of the calling path to
      determine the old session, i.e. we only rely on our own session
      identification scheme, instead of audits.
      We will continue to keep the audit session ID and ours in sync however,
      to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  7. 22 Feb, 2013 1 commit
    • Michal Schmidt's avatar
      systemctl: make shutdown operations use irreversible jobs · b85bddda
      Michal Schmidt authored
      Occasionally people report problem with reboot/poweroff operations hanging in
      the middle. One known cause is when a new transaction to start a unit is
      enqueued while the shutdown is going on. The start of the unit conflicts with
      the shutdown jobs, so they get cancelled. The failure case can be quite unpleasant,
      becase getty and sshd may already be stopped.
      Fix it by using irreversible jobs for shutdown (reboot/poweroff/...) actions.
      This applies to commands like "reboot", "telinit 6", "systemctl reboot". Should
      someone desire to use reversible jobs, they can say "systemctl start reboot.target".`
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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      logind: rework delay inhibition logic · 314b4b0a
      Lennart Poettering authored
      - Don't allow any locks to be taken while we are in the process of
        executing the specific operation, so that apps are not surprised if a
        suspend/shutdown happens while they rely on their inhibitor.
      - Get rid of the Resumed signal, it was a bad idea, and redundant due to
        PrepareForSleep(false), see below.
      - Always send out PrepareFor{Shutdown,Sleep} signals, instead of only if
        a delay lock is taken.
      - Move PrepareForSleep(false) after we come back from the suspend, so
        that apps can use this as "Resumed" notification. This also has the
        benefit that apps know when to take a new lock.
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    • Colin Walters's avatar
      dbus-common: Add helper method to handle no-reply messages · 1a37b9b9
      Colin Walters authored
      [Tested in latest gnome-ostree; if accepted, I'll look at a followup
       patch which fixes the other dbus_connection_send(reply, ...) calls
       besides logind]
      DBus messages can have a flag NO_REPLY associated that means "I don't
      need a reply".  This is for efficiency reasons - for one-off requests
      that can't return an error, etc.
      However, it's up to users to manually check
      dbus_message_get_no_reply() from a message.  libdbus will happily send
      out a reply if you don't.
      Unfortunately, doing so is not just less efficient - it also triggers
      a security error, for complex reasons.  This is something that will
      eventually be fixed in dbus, but it's also correct to handle it in
      client applications.
      This new helper API is slightly nicer in that you don't have to pass
      NULL to say you don't want a reply serial for your reply.
      This patch also tweaks logind to use the API - there are more areas of
      the code that need this treatment too.
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    • Michal Schmidt's avatar
      logind: fix check for multiple sessions · 2154761f
      Michal Schmidt authored
      The "$action-multiple-sessions" polkit actions are defined as
      "$action while other users are logged in". To me this implies that the
      following sessions should not count:
       - greeter sessions
       - user sessions belonging to the same user as the one who's asking
      Not sure how to treat class SESSION_LOCK_SCREEN. I never have these.
      I just ignore every class that's not SESSION_USER.
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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      logind: optionally handle power, sleep and lid switch events · 069cfc85
      Lennart Poettering authored
      This takes handling of chassis power and sleep keys as well as the lid
      switch over from acpid.
      This logic is enabled by default for power and sleep keys, but not for
      the lid switch.
      If a graphical session is in the foreground no action is taken under the
      assumption that the graphical session does this.
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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      relicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions) · 5430f7f2
      Lennart Poettering authored
      We finally got the OK from all contributors with non-trivial commits to
      relicense systemd from GPL2+ to LGPL2.1+.
      Some udev bits continue to be GPL2+ for now, but we are looking into
      relicensing them too, to allow free copy/paste of all code within
      The bits that used to be MIT continue to be MIT.
      The big benefit of the relicensing is that closed source code may now
      link against libsystemd-login.so and friends.