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    • Michael Stapelberg's avatar
      Don’t mount /tmp as tmpfs by default · d151046c
      Michael Stapelberg authored
      …by adding an [Install] section to tmp.mount and removing the
      local-fs.target.wants symlink.
      Users can use “systemctl enable tmp.mount” to enable mounting /tmp after
      the next reboot and “systemctl start tmp.mount” to get /tmp mounted as
      tmpfs right now (beware, files currently in /tmp will not be visible
      anymore afterwards).
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    • Kay Sievers's avatar
    • Tom Gundersen's avatar
      tmpfiles: create static device nodes before udev is started · 8c11aac1
      Tom Gundersen authored
      Since v183, the contents of /usr/lib/udev/devices is no longer copied to /dev
      on boot, rather systemd-tmpfiles should be used instead. However, as
      systemd-tmpfiles --create is only ran long after udevd has been started, it is
      no longer possible to use udev rules to assign permissions to the static nodes.
      This calls systemd-tmpfiles --create early, before udev is started, and
      restricts the call to /dev, which is known to be mounted already.
      In the future, this could also take over the creation of static device nodes
      from systemd-udevd.
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    • Frederic Crozat's avatar
      udevd: ensure static nodes are created before local-fs mount · 89d09e1b
      Frederic Crozat authored
      static nodes (like /dev/loop-control) are created when systemd-udevd
      is started and needed to mount loopback devices. Therefore,
      local-fs-pre.target should be only started after systemd-udevd is
    • Auke Kok's avatar
      Update user session unit template. · 3abcb6ac
      Auke Kok authored
      While most folks will be using the derivative from user-session-units,
      I'm updating this one to reflect some of the fixes and things to note
      about user sessions:
      - cgroup should be set with "%u" - username instead of %I
      - set dbus path with %U explicitly too
      - hint to folks that wish to use MEM_CG features in user sessions
      - allow unit to be enabled for instances with systemctl enable
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      Revert "units: ignore systemd-sysctl on shutdown" · 0debd2bf
      Lennart Poettering authored
      This reverts commit faeffa73.
      There isn't really much point in dropping the Conflicts= since shutting
      down this service is basically free as it doesn't have anything running.
      Also, the patch was incomplete, because shutdown.target was still listed
      in Before=.
  20. 16 Mar, 2013 2 commits
  21. 14 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Harald Hoyer's avatar
      Make initrd.target the default target in the initrd · 9e5f0f92
      Harald Hoyer authored
      First, rename root-fs.target to initrd-root-fs.target to clarify its usage.
      Mount units with "x-initrd-rootfs.mount" are now ordered before
      initrd-root-fs.target. As we sometimes construct /sysroot mounts in
      /etc/fstab in the initrd, we want these to be mounted before the
      initrd-root-fs.target is active.
      initrd.target can be the default target in the initrd.
                                   (normal startup)
                  /                       |
                  |                  sysroot.mount
                  |                       |
                  |                       v
                  |             initrd-root-fs.target
                  |                       |
                  |                       v
                  |            initrd-parse-etc.service
      (custom initrd services)            |
                  |                       v
                  |            (sysroot-usr.mount and
                  |             various mounts marked
                  |               with fstab option
                  |                x-initrd.mount)
                  |                       |
                  |                       v
                  |                initrd-fs.target
                  |                       |
                  \______________________ |
                                     isolates to
                  /                       |
                  |        initrd-udevadm-cleanup-db.service
                  |                       |
      (custom initrd services)            |
                  |                       |
                  \______________________ |
  22. 13 Mar, 2013 2 commits
    • Harald Hoyer's avatar
      add initrd-fs.target and root-fs.target · 700e07ff
      Harald Hoyer authored
      Instead of using local-fs*.target in the initrd, use root-fs.target for
      sysroot.mount and initrd-fs.target for /sysroot/usr and friends.
      Using local-fs.target would mean to carry over the activated
      local-fs.target to the isolated initrd-switch-root.target and thus in
      the real root. Having local-fs.target already active after
      deserialization causes ordering problems with the real root services and
      We better isolate to targets for initrd-switch-root.target, which are
      only available in the initrd.
    • Michael Biebl's avatar
      Remove mountoverflowtmp.service from remount-rootfs.service · 18f7c299
      Michael Biebl authored
      The mountoverflowtmp SysV init script no longer exists so remove that
      service from remount-rootfs.service to avoid an unnecessary diff to
  23. 12 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Harald Hoyer's avatar
      remote-fs.target: want remote-fs-pre.target · 6bde0b32
      Harald Hoyer authored
      This pulls in remote-fs-pre.target if remote-fs.target is needed.
      Previously remote-fs-pre.target was not active, if no remote fs was
      mounted from /etc/fstab. So, every manual remote fs mount was ordered
      against the inactive remote-fs-pre.target and umount.target.
      Because remote-fs-pre.target was not active, the remote fs was umounted
      at umount.target time, which was too late (network already down).
      Now remote-fs-pre.target is active, even if no remote fs is mounted.
      On shutdown it is deactivated in the correct order and all manual remote
      fs mounts also.