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      build-sys: allow cross-compilation · 9a60da28
      Thierry Reding authored
      When cross-compiling systemd, the introspection XML files fail to be
      generated because the systemd host binary is not executable. This patch
      works around this by putting the introspection XML data into separate
      ELF sections and extracting them from the binary when generating the XML
      The extracted XML data is passed through the strings utility in order to
      strip the trailing NUL character. A small AWK script is used to prepend
      the doctype and add the opening and closing node tags respectively.
      Finally, the C preprocessor is used to substitute the correct doctype
      information from the D-Bus header files.
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      add bash completion for systemctl --system · 42bb3074
      Ran Benita authored
      I've been playing recently with systemd on Arch, and had much fun. But
      soon, alas, my fingers started to ache from repeatedly writing
      systemctl restart some-long-service.service. So, I wrote a completion
      script. I figured other people may want to use it, so I prepared a
      patch against systemd-git (attached).
      There are some notes/disclaimers, however:
      - It requires bash>=4.0, sed, grep and awk. A bash-completion package
      is not strictly needed; sourcing the file is enough.
      - It wouldn't work properly with --session, as I had no way to test it.
      - It uses the output of systemctl list-units directly when that's
      enough, but also runs systemctl show when completing on some verbs
      (for example, to check for AllowIsolate=yes). This /may/ be somewhat
      slow once there are many units, since it calls a dbus method on each
      one. Is there a faster way to have that information?
      - The code is perhaps a bit long and messy; honestly, I blame the tool ;)
      One way to improve on the situation is to integrate some completion
      code in systemctl itself, the way e.g. gdbus, gsettings and django do
      it. This will allow for finer grained and faster completions, and it
      won't be necessary to keep the verb/option tables in sync with some
      other file. But it does mean adding all of this code in C. If this is
      acceptable, I'll try to have a go at it.
      Finally, a couple of completion tips I run into:
      - If you alias systemctl to, say, sctl, you get completions on that
      too by running to following command:
      complete -F _systemctl sctl
      - Add the following line to your .inputrc, to have the completion show
      after only a single tab press:
      set show-all-if-ambiguous on
      It makes the shell quite more pleasant.
      Hope it's good enough!
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