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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      unit: rework trigger dependency logic · 3ecaa09b
      Lennart Poettering authored
      Instead of having explicit type-specific callbacks that inform the
      triggering unit when a triggered unit changes state, make this generic
      so that state changes are forwarded betwee any triggered and triggering
      Also, get rid of UnitRef references from automount, timer, path units,
      to the units they trigger and rely exclsuively on UNIT_TRIGGER type
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      cgroup: make sure all our cgroup objects have a suffix and are properly escaped · ae018d9b
      Lennart Poettering authored
      Session objects will now get the .session suffix, user objects the .user
      suffix, nspawn containers the .nspawn suffix.
      This also changes the user cgroups to be named after the numeric UID
      rather than the username, since this allows us the parse these paths
      standalone without requiring access to the cgroup file system.
      This also changes the mapping of instanced units to cgroups. Instead of
      mapping foo@bar.service to the cgroup path /user/foo@.service/bar we
      will now map it to /user/foo@.service/foo@bar.service, in order to
      ensure that all our objects are properly suffixed in the tree.
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    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      Use initalization instead of explicit zeroing · b92bea5d
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      Before, we would initialize many fields twice: first
      by filling the structure with zeros, and then a second
      time with the real values. We can let the compiler do
      the job for us, avoiding one copy.
      A downside of this patch is that text gets slightly
      bigger. This is because all zero() calls are effectively
      $ size build/.libs/systemd
               text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
      before 897737  107300    2560 1007597   f5fed build/.libs/systemd
      after  897873  107300    2560 1007733   f6075 build/.libs/systemd
      … actually less than 1‰.
      A few asserts that the parameter is not null had to be removed. I
      don't think this changes much, because first, it is quite unlikely
      for the assert to fail, and second, an immediate SEGV is almost as
      good as an assert.
  10. 04 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      util: make time formatting a bit smarter · 2fa4092c
      Lennart Poettering authored
      Instead of outputting "5h 55s 50ms 3us" we'll now output "5h
      55.050003s". Also, while outputting the accuracy is configurable.
      Basically we now try use "dot notation" for all time values > 1min. For
      >= 1s we use 's' as unit, otherwise for >= 1ms we use 'ms' as unit, and
      finally 'us'.
      This should give reasonably values in most cases.
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    • Michal Schmidt's avatar
      core: fix running jobs counters after reload/reexec · 9e9e2b72
      Michal Schmidt authored
      All active units will call unit_notify() during coldplug, so we just
      make sure we're counting from zero again and get the correct result for
      For n_running_jobs we likewise reset it to zero and then count
      the running jobs as we encounter them in deserialization.
    • Oleksii Shevchuk's avatar
      unit: fix the race in deserialization. · bf6dcfa6
      Oleksii Shevchuk authored
      unit_notify is fired in deserelization code (particulary in
      service_set_state). Units passed in random order, and there is possibility,
      that unit with StopWhenUnneeded=yes passed before it actual dependecies. In
      that case unit will be stopped as unneeded, because deps in UNIT_INACTIVE state
      So, reuse similar logic (unit.c:1421) to avoid this race
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  19. 27 Feb, 2013 2 commits
    • Michal Schmidt's avatar
      core: add manager_status_printf() · 25cee550
      Michal Schmidt authored
      unit_status_printf() checks the state of the manager, not of the unit
      as such. Move it to manager.c and rename it to manager_status_printf().
      Temporarily keep unit_status_printf as a wrapper macro.
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      unit: rework resource management API · 26d04f86
      Lennart Poettering authored
      This introduces a new static list of known attributes and their special
      semantics. This means that cgroup attribute values can now be
      automatically translated from user to kernel notation for command line
      set settings, too.
      This also adds proper support for multi-line attributes.
  20. 16 Feb, 2013 1 commit
    • Michal Schmidt's avatar
      unit: don't Require systemd-journald.socket from units · 9d246da3
      Michal Schmidt authored
      It is not really necessary to have a hard requirement dependency on
      systemd-journald.socket in almost every unit. The socket gets pulled
      into boot via at least two ways:
       sockets.target -> systemd-journald.socket
       sysinit.target -> systemd-journald.service -> systemd-journald.socket
      So just assume something pulled the socket in and drop the automatic
      requirement dependencies on it.
      "systemctl stop systemd-journald.socket" will now not take the whole
      system down with it.
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    • Nestor Ovroy's avatar
      core: corrects check of strduped controller string · 8755586e
      Nestor Ovroy authored
      In commit 246aa6dd (core: add bus API and systemctl commands for altering
      cgroup parameters during runtime), when rewriting unit_add_one_default_cgroup
      to prefered style, the check of strduped b->controller was incorrectly
      changed to check the containing structure. Correct it.
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    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      unit: allow extension of unit files with .d/*.conf drop-ins · 8afbb8e1
      Lennart Poettering authored
      For all unit files foobar.service we will now read
      foobar.service.d/*.conf, too. This may be used to override certain unit
      settings without having to edit unit files directly.
      This makes it really easy to change specific settings for services
      without having to edit any unit file:
      mkdir /etc/systemd/system/avahi-daemon.service.d/
      echo -e '[Service]\nNice=99' > /etc/systemd/system/avahi-daemon.service.d/nice.conf
      systemctl daemon-reload
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