1. 20 Apr, 2018 1 commit
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      Import Debian changes 215-17+steamos1 · e36c6225
      Sjoerd Simons authored and Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie committed
      systemd (215-17+steamos1) brewmaster; urgency=medium
        * Merge SteamOS patches
          + sound-no-uaccess.patch
            - SteamOS uses a system wide pulseaudio instance, which should be the
              only daemon with access to the sound devices. As such disable uaccess
              for sound devices
          + pulse-owns-audio.patch
            - Change the sound device group from the default audio to pulse such that
              only the system-wide pulse daemon can access those devices
          + streamcontroller-support.patch
            - Allow access to the stream group for uinput device as used for stream
              controller support