1. 17 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      Report about syntax errors with metadata · e8e581bf
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      The information about the unit for which files are being parsed
      is passed all the way down. This way messages land in the journal
      with proper UNIT=... or USER_UNIT=... attribution.
      'systemctl status' and 'journalctl -u' not displaying those messages
      has been a source of confusion for users, since the journal entry for
      a misspelt setting was often logged quite a bit earlier than the
      failure to start a unit.
      Based-on-a-patch-by: default avatarOleksii Shevchuk <alxchk@gmail.com>
  2. 16 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      nspawn: introduce the new /machine/ tree in the cgroup tree and move containers there · 7027ff61
      Lennart Poettering authored
      Containers will now carry a label (normally derived from the root
      directory name, but configurable by the user), and the container's root
      cgroup is /machine/<label>. This label is called "machine name", and can
      cover both containers and VMs (as soon as libvirt also makes use of
      libsystemd-login can be used to query the machine name from a process.
      This patch also includes numerous clean-ups for the cgroup code.
  3. 12 Apr, 2013 1 commit
  4. 08 Apr, 2013 5 commits
  5. 05 Apr, 2013 1 commit
    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      Use initalization instead of explicit zeroing · b92bea5d
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      Before, we would initialize many fields twice: first
      by filling the structure with zeros, and then a second
      time with the real values. We can let the compiler do
      the job for us, avoiding one copy.
      A downside of this patch is that text gets slightly
      bigger. This is because all zero() calls are effectively
      $ size build/.libs/systemd
               text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
      before 897737  107300    2560 1007597   f5fed build/.libs/systemd
      after  897873  107300    2560 1007733   f6075 build/.libs/systemd
      … actually less than 1‰.
      A few asserts that the parameter is not null had to be removed. I
      don't think this changes much, because first, it is quite unlikely
      for the assert to fail, and second, an immediate SEGV is almost as
      good as an assert.
  6. 25 Mar, 2013 1 commit
    • Oleksii Shevchuk's avatar
      journal: Add sync timer to journal server · 26687bf8
      Oleksii Shevchuk authored
      Add option to force journal sync with fsync. Default timeout is 5min.
      Interval configured via SyncIntervalSec option at journal.conf. Synced
      journal files will be marked as OFFLINE.
      Manual sync can be performed via sending SIGUSR1.
  7. 18 Mar, 2013 1 commit
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  13. 13 Feb, 2013 1 commit
    • Colin Walters's avatar
      journal: Don't use loginuid if it's not valid · 759c945a
      Colin Walters authored
      Code above this attempted to load loginuid, if this failed for
      whatever reason, we'd still end up using that value (0) in place of
      realuid.  Fix this by setting a bool when we know the loginuid is
      This fixes journal messages showing up in per-user journals in
      gnome-ostree (not configured with loginuid, but I'll shortly fix
  14. 18 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  15. 16 Jan, 2013 1 commit
    • Lukas Nykryn's avatar
      systemctl,loginctl,cgls: do not ellipsize cgroup members when --full is specified · 9bdbc2e2
      Lukas Nykryn authored
      New file output.h with output flags and modes.
      --full parameter also for cgls and loginctl.
      Include 'all' parameter in flags (show_cgroup_by_path, show_cgroup,
      show_cgroup_and_extra, show_cgroup_and_extra_by_spec).
      get_process_cmdline with max_length == 0 will not ellipsize output.
      Replace LINE_MAX with 0 in some calls of get_process_cmdline.
      [zj: Default to --full when under pager for clgs.
           Drop '-f' since it wasn't documented and didn't actually work.
           Reindent a bit.
  16. 10 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  17. 20 Nov, 2012 1 commit
    • Lennart Poettering's avatar
      journal: by default do not decompress dat objects larger than 64K · 93b73b06
      Lennart Poettering authored
      This introduces a new data threshold setting for sd_journal objects
      which controls the maximum size of objects to decompress. This is
      relieves the library from having to decompress full data objects even
      if a client program is only interested in the initial part of them.
      This speeds up "systemd-coredumpctl" drastically when invoked without
  18. 19 Nov, 2012 1 commit
  19. 14 Nov, 2012 1 commit
    • Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek's avatar
      build-sys: store journald code in a noinst library · d025f1e4
      Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek authored
      The point is to allow the use of journald functions by other binaries.
      Before, journald code was split into multiple files (journald-*.[ch]),
      but all those files all required functions from journald.c. And
      journald.c has its own main(). Now, it is possible to link against
      those functions, e.g. from test binaries.
      This constitutes a fix for https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=872638.
      The patch does the following:
      1. rename journald.h to journald-server.h and move corresponding code
         to journald-server.c.
      2. add journald-server.c and other journald-*.c parts to
      3. remove journald-syslog.c from test_journal_syslog_SOURCES, since
         it is now contained in libsystemd-journal-internal.
      There are no code changes, apart from the removal of a few static's,
      to allow function calls between files.
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