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    udev: always use $(rootprefix)/lib/udev for libexecdir · 8e8eb8fb
    Kay Sievers authored
    On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 12:46 AM, Malte Starostik <lists@malte.homeip.net> wrote:
    > From: Malte Starostik <m-starostik@versanet.de>
    > Rules get installed in $(libexecdir)/udev/, so are keymaps.  Helper
    > binaries go to $(rootprefix)/lib/udev though.  Problem is, in the code,
    > both are referenced via UDEVLIBEXECDIR which is defined to the former
    > location.  Result: systemd-udev can't find e.g. the keymap binary to
    > apply keymaps.
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