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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
"pad.settings.fontType.monospaced": "Yewca",
"pad.settings.globalView": "Asayışo Global",
"pad.settings.language": "Zıwan:",
"pad.importExport.import_export": "Zeredayış/Teberdayış",
"pad.importExport.import_export": "Zerredayış/Teberdayış",
"pad.importExport.import": "Dosya ya zi dokumanê meqaleyê de tesadufi bar ke",
"pad.importExport.importSuccessful": "Mıwafaq biye",
"pad.importExport.export": "Mewcud bloknoti ateberd:",
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@
"timeslider.toolbar.returnbutton": "Peyser şo ped",
"timeslider.toolbar.authors": "Nuştoği:",
"timeslider.toolbar.authorsList": "Nuştoği çıniyê",
"timeslider.toolbar.exportlink.title": "Teber de",
"timeslider.toolbar.exportlink.title": "Teberdayış",
"timeslider.exportCurrent": "Versiyonê enewki teber de:",
"timeslider.version": "Versiyonê {{version}}",
"timeslider.saved": "{{day}} {{month}}, {{year}} de biyo qeyd",
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