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# 1.2.8
! IMPORTANT: New setting.json value is required to automatically reconnect clients on disconnect
* NEW: Use Socket IO for rooms (allows for pads to be load balanced with sticky rooms)
* NEW: Plugins can now provide their own frontend tests
* NEW: Improved server-side logging
* NEW: Admin dashboard mobile device support and new hooks for Admin dashboard
* NEW: Get current API version from API
* NEW: CLI script to delete pads
* Fix: Automatic client reconnection on disonnect
* Fix: Text Export indentation now supports multiple indentations
* Fix: Bugfix getChatHistory API method
* Fix: Stop Chrome losing caret after paste is texted
* Fix: Make colons on end of line create 4 spaces on indent
* Fix: Stop the client disconnecting if a rev is in the wrong order
* Fix: Various server crash issues based on rev in wrong order
* Fix: Various tests
* Fix: Make indent when on middle of the line stop creating list
* Fix: Stop long strings breaking the UX by moving focus away from beginning of line
* Fix: Redis findKeys support
* Fix: padUsersCount no longer hangs server
* Fix: Issue with two part locale specs not working
* Fix: Make plugin search case insensitive
......@@ -19,9 +26,13 @@
* Fix: Stop Opera browser inserting two new lines on enter keypress
* Fix: Stop timeslider from showing NaN on pads with only one revision
* Other: Allow timeslider tests to run and provide & fix various other frontend-tests
* Other: Begin dropping referene to Lite. Etherpad Lite is now named "Etherpad"
* Other: Update to latest jQuery
* Other: Change loading message asking user to please wait on first build
* Other: Allow etherpad to use global npm installation (Safe since node 6.3)
* Other: Better documentation for log rotation and log message handling
# 1.2.7
* NEW: notifications are now modularized and can be stacked
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