Commit 5b1e1f0c authored by Olivier Tétard's avatar Olivier Tétard Committed by muxator
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Fix typo in `apicalls.js` which prevents from importing `isValidJSONPName`.

parent 1fdb01fd
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ var apiLogger = log4js.getLogger("API");
var clientLogger = log4js.getLogger("client");
var formidable = require('formidable');
var apiHandler = require('../../handler/APIHandler');
var isValidJSONPName = require('./isValidJsonPName');
var isValidJSONPName = require('./isValidJSONPName');
//This is for making an api call, collecting all post information and passing it to the apiHandler
var apiCaller = function(req, res, fields) {
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