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To make sure everybody is going in the same direction:
* easy to install for admins and easy to use for people
* easy to integrate into other apps, but also usable as standalone
* using less resources on server side
* lightweight and scalable
* extensible, as much functionality should be extendable with plugins so changes don't have to be done in core.
Also, keep it maintainable. We don't wanna end up as the monster Etherpad was!
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## Testing
Front-end tests are found in the `tests/frontend/` folder in the repository. Run them by pointing your browser to `<yourdomainhere>/tests/frontend`.
## Things you can help with
Etherpad is much more than software. So if you aren't a developer then worry not, there is still a LOT you can do! A big part of what we do is community engagement. You can help in the following ways
* Triage bugs (applying labels) and confirming their existance
* Testing fixes (simply applying them and seeing if it fixes your issue or not) - Some git experience required
* Notifying large site admins of new releases
* Writing Changelogs for releases
* Creating Windows packages
* Creating releases
* Bumping dependencies periodically and checking they don't break anything
* Write proposals for grants
* Co-Author and Publish CVEs
* Work with SFC to maintain legal side of project
* Maintain TODO page - https://github.com/ether/etherpad-lite/wiki/TODO#IMPORTANT_TODOS
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