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Merge pull request #1433 from ether/release/1.2.7

Release 1.2.7
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# 1.2.7
* NEW: notifications are now modularized and can be stacked
* NEW: Visit a specific revision in the timeslider by suffixing #%revNumber% IE http://localhost/p/test/timeslider#12
* NEW: Link to plugin on Admin page allows admins to easily see plugin details in a new window by clicking on the plugin name
* NEW: Automatically see plugins that require update and be able to one click update
* NEW: API endpoints for Chat .. getChatHistory, getChatHead
* NEW: API endpoint to see a pad diff in HTML format from revision x to revision y .. createPadDiffHTML
* NEW: Real time plugin search & unified menu UI for admin pages
* Fix: MAJOR issue where server could be crashed by malformed client message
* Fix: AuthorID is now included in padUsers API response
* Fix: make docs
* Fix: Timeslider UI bug with slider not being in position
* Fix: IE8 language issue where it wouldn't load pads due to IE8 suckling on the bussum of hatrid
* Fix: Import timeout issue
* Fix: Import now works if Params are set in pad URL
* Fix: Convert script
* Other: Various new language strings
* Other: Various new language strings and update/bugfixes of others
* Other: Clean up the getParams functionality
* Other: Various new EEJS blocks: index, timeslider, html etc.
......@@ -46,5 +46,5 @@
"engines" : { "node" : ">=0.6.0",
"npm" : ">=1.0"
"version" : "1.2.6"
"version" : "1.2.7"
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