Commit 82816acf authored by Luc Didry's avatar Luc Didry Committed by Luiza Pagliari
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Fix .doc export with LibreOffice (soffice) (#3338)

When using LibreOffice to convert pads to doc, we got `Error: no export filter for /tmp/xxxx.doc` (tested with LO 5 and 6). Maybe it's a regression from LO. Anyway, converting HTML to odt, then to doc works.

Thx to lpagliari for her review!
parent 6aa19c56
......@@ -35,7 +35,21 @@ var queue = async.queue(doConvertTask, 1);
* @param {Function} callback Standard callback function
exports.convertFile = function(srcFile, destFile, type, callback) {
queue.push({"srcFile": srcFile, "destFile": destFile, "type": type, "callback": callback});
// soffice can't convert from html to doc directly (verified with LO 5 and 6)
// we need to convert to odt first, then to doc
// to avoid `Error: no export filter for /tmp/xxxx.doc` error
if (type === 'doc') {
"srcFile": srcFile,
"destFile": destFile.replace(/\.doc$/, '.odt'),
"type": 'odt',
"callback": function () {
queue.push({"srcFile": srcFile.replace(/\.html$/, '.odt'), "destFile": destFile, "type": type, "callback": callback});
} else {
queue.push({"srcFile": srcFile, "destFile": destFile, "type": type, "callback": callback});
function doConvertTask(task, callback) {
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