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# 1.5.7
* NEW: Add support for intermediate CA certificates for ssl
* NEW: Provide a script to clean up before running etherpad
* NEW: Use ctrl+shift+1 to do a ordered list
* NEW: Show versions of plugins on startup
* NEW: Add author on padCreate and padUpdate hook
* Fix: switchToPad method
* Fix: Dead keys
* Fix: Preserve new lines in copy-pasted text
* Fix: Compatibility mode on IE
* Fix: Content Collector to get the class of the DOM-node
* Fix: Timeslider export links
* Fix: Double prompt on file upload
* Fix: setText() replaces the entire pad text
* Fix: Accessibility features on embedded pads
* Fix: Tidy HTML before abiword conversion
* Fix: Remove edit buttons in read-only view
* Fix: Disable user input in read-only view
* Fix: Pads end with a single newline, rather than two newlines
* Fix: Toolbar and chat for mobile devices
# 1.5.6
* Fix: Error on windows installations
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