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# 1.5.0
* NEW: Lots of performance improvements for page load times
* NEW: Hook for adding CSS to Exports
* NEW: Allow shardable socket io
* NEW: Allow UI to show when attr/prop is applied (CSS)
* NEW: Various scripts
* NEW: Export full fidelity pads (including authors etc.)
* NEW: Various front end tests
* NEW: Backend tests
* NEW: switchPad hook to instantly switch between pads
* NEW: Various translations
* NEW: Icon sets instead of images to provide quality high DPI experience
* Fix: HTML Import blocking / hanging server
* Fix: Export Bullet / Numbered lists HTML
* Fix: Swagger deprecated warning
* Fix: Bad session from crashing server
* Fix: Allow relative settings path
* Fix: Stop attributes being improperly assigned between 2 lines
* Fix: Copy / Move Pad API race condition
* Fix: Save all user preferences
* Fix: Upgrade majority of dependency inc upgrade to SocketIO1+
* Fix: Provide UI button to restore maximized chat window
* Fix: Timeslider UI Fix
* Fix: Remove Dokuwiki
* Fix: Remove long paths from windows build (stops error during extract)
* Fix: Various globals remvoed
* Fix: Move all scripts into bin/
* Fix: Various CSS bugfixes for Mobile devices
* Fix: Overflow Toolbar
* Fix: Line Attribute management
# 1.4.1
* NEW: Translations
* NEW: userLeave Hook
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