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Improve changelog v1.1.5

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# v1.1.5
* Many bugfixes including some stability and security issues
* Support for PageView as a plugin
* Upgrade to Express V3
* Better support for smaller screen sizes
* Various dependency updates
* Improved Docs
* We updated to express v3 (please [make sure]( your plugin works under express v3)
* `userColor` URL parameter which sets the initial author color
* Hooks for "padCreate", "padRemove", "padUpdate" and "padLoad" events
* Security patches concerning the handling of messages originating from clients
* Our database abstraction layer now natively supports couchDB, levelDB, mongoDB, postgres, and redis!
* We now provide a script helping you to migrate from dirtyDB to MySQL
* Support running Etherpad Lite behind IIS, using [iisnode](
* LibreJS Licensing information in headers of HTML templates
* Default port number to PORT env var, if port isn't specified in settings
* Fix for `convert.js`
* Raise upper char limit in chat to 999 characters
* Fixes for mobile layout
* Fixes for usage behind reverse proxy
* Improved documentation
* Fixed some opera style bugs
* Update npm and fix some bugs, this introduces
# v1.1
* Introduced Plugin framework
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