Commit b0da9a57 authored by Luc Didry's avatar Luc Didry
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Fix numbering line when plugin add padding-top (like ep_page_view)

parent cb856ea6
......@@ -5404,8 +5404,8 @@ function Ace2Inner(){
// height is taken to be the top offset of the next line. If we
// didn't do this special case, we would miss out on any top margin
// included on the first line. The default stylesheet doesn't add
// extra margins, but plugins might.
h = b.nextSibling.offsetTop;
// extra margins/padding, but plugins might.
h = b.nextSibling.offsetTop - window.getComputedStyle(doc.body).getPropertyValue("padding-top");
} else {
h = b.nextSibling.offsetTop - b.offsetTop;
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