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Splitting emojis and webhooks permissions (#765)

* Spliting emojis and webhooks permissions

* Keeping the old constants for backward compatibility
parent 33634b96
......@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ export default {
GET_PUBLIC_LINK: 'get_public_link',
MANAGE_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_webhooks',
MANAGE_OTHERS_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_others_webhooks',
MANAGE_INCOMING_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_incoming_webhooks',
MANAGE_OTHERS_INCOMING_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_others_incoming_webhooks',
MANAGE_OUTGOING_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_outgoing_webhooks',
MANAGE_OTHERS_OUTGOING_WEBHOOKS: 'manage_others_outgoing_webhooks',
MANAGE_OAUTH: 'manage_oauth',
MANAGE_SYSTEM_WIDE_OAUTH: 'manage_system_wide_oauth',
CREATE_POST: 'create_post',
......@@ -56,4 +60,7 @@ export default {
MANAGE_JOBS: 'manage_jobs',
MANAGE_EMOJIS: 'manage_emojis',
MANAGE_OTHERS_EMOJIS: 'manage_others_emojis',
CREATE_EMOJIS: 'create_emojis',
DELETE_EMOJIS: 'delete_emojis',
DELETE_OTHERS_EMOJIS: 'delete_others_emojis',
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