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      [Documentation] simplified the "Promise" example (#784) · 0e797219
      gulhe authored
      #### Summary
      If someone were to use promise, it would be clearer to write their code this way, doing so they would take advantage of the promises.
      #### Ticket Link
      There is no ticket for that tell me if I need to create one (in which case I will strongly reconsider contributing this piece of doc since it would mean creating an account on a third party site and all ...)
      #### Test Information
      This PR was not tested at all. The mentionned code was tested in a console on chrome 
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      build for browser (#238) · 8f116009
      Brett McBride authored
      * build for browser
      This adds webpack and uglifyjs dev dependencies, webpack config, and a new script, "npm run webpack"
      which transpiles the v4 client and websocket client with webpack.
      Updated README on how to build and use (including the use of setIncludeCookies(false) to avoid preflight
      failure from fetch API).
      Lastly, update .gitignore and Makefile to exclude/cleanup new /lib directory.
      * rename MatterMost -> Mattermost, fix linting errors
      * shorten paths
      per dev review, you don't need to specify 'node_modules/.bin' from within npm.
      * simplify browser bundling into a make command
      * clean up main.browser.js
      per dev feedback, use webpack's library target + babel plugin so that client4 and websocket client can be imported.
      * build as a library
      per review feedback, build the clients as libraries instead of bundling into one package.
      the requires the babel-polyfill library to work. Updated example in README accordingly.
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      Nodejs support (#232) · c5a9c964
      Brett McBride authored
      * allow test server to be set via env.
      this allows running the unit tests against a mattermost server running somewhere other than
      e.g. MATTERMOST_SERVER_URL="http://mattermost:8065" npm run test
      * disable eslint no-process-env check
      * fix building for node.js
      add the transform-runtime babel plugin to allow generated client to run in node.js
      * add websocket to index.js
      just for completeness and making it easier to access all javascript APIs from one place.
      * document node.js example usage
      * peg babel-plugin-transform-runtime to a specific version
      * Revert "disable eslint no-process-env check"
      This reverts commit cb3a313fc82e2857f200c79035ddee2ed0e9b6cc.
      * Revert "allow test server to be set via env."
      This reverts commit 19b56c69d81627d52ff6c4a87eaa38528eb53021.
      * Revert "fix building for node.js"
      This reverts commit 2834deb0b9b1a51af16e22e8aa80029ff638de83.
      * Revert "add websocket to index.js"
      This reverts commit 23c9ff60b5ed1cd2dd9561b32a6709900d3e22b2.
      * update nodejs example to use client4 and websocket_client directly
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      Fix trivial typo in README.md (#233) · f410a76f
      Aditya Konarde authored
      Correct 'encourgae' to 'encourage'
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