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    PLT-1378 Initial version of emoji reactions (#4520) · 165ad0d4
    Harrison Healey authored
    * Refactored emoji.json to support multiple aliases and emoji categories
    * Added custom category to emoji.jsx and stabilized all fields
    * Removed conflicting aliases for :mattermost: and 🇨🇦
    * fixup after store changes
    * Added emoji reactions
    * Removed reactions for an emoji when that emoji is deleted
    * Fixed incorrect test case
    * Renamed ReactionList to ReactionListView
    * Fixed 👍 and 👎 not showing up as possible reactions
    * Removed text emoticons from emoji reaction autocomplete
    * Changed emoji reactions to be sorted by the order that they were first created
    * Set a maximum number of listeners for the ReactionStore
    * Removed unused code from Textbox component
    * Fixed reaction permissions
    * Changed error code when trying to modify reactions for another user
    * Fixed merge conflicts
    * Properly applied theme colours to reactions
    * Fixed ESLint and gofmt errors
    * Fixed ReactionListContainer to properly update when its post prop changes
    * Removed unnecessary escape characters from reaction regexes
    * Shared reaction message pattern between CreatePost and CreateComment
    * Removed an unnecessary select query when saving a reaction
    * Changed reactions route to be under /reactions
    * Fixed copyright dates on newly added files
    * Removed debug code that prevented all unit tests from being ran
    * Cleaned up unnecessary code for reactions
    * Renamed ReactionStore.List to ReactionStore.GetForPost
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