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    [PLT-4340] Channel Mute and "/mute" command #7617 (#7713) · 257f7487
    Christian Claus authored
    * Add command and store changes to allow mute toggling
    * Change channel muting to use ChannelMember notification structure
    * Suppress email and push notifications for a muted channel
    * Make i18n keys issue-compliant
    * Add notification-cache handling for channel-muting
    * Add channel handle for channel-muting slash-command
    * Add unit test for mute command
    * Merge branch 'master' into PLT-4340
    # Conflicts:
    #	app/notification.go
    * Fix issue that command_mute responses will be overwritten
    * Fix i18n key for channel muting
    * Apply new Provider Interface to MuteCommand
    * Migrate mute notification property to mark_unread
    * Make some i18n improvements for command_mute
    * Remove de.json translations
    * Prevent push notifications when channel is muted
    * Treat Group messages like Direct messages
    * Fix unit test
    * Send WS event when the channel member notify props changed
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