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    MM-11272 Added initial post metadata (#9175) · 48f16b64
    Harrison Healey authored
    * MM-11272 Added app.PreparePostForClient
    * MM-11272 Added app.PreparePostListForClient
    * MM-11272 Added EmojiStore.GetMultipleByName
    * MM-11272 Added emojis to PreparePostForClient
    * MM-11272 Added unit tests for getting reaction counts
    * MM-11272 Added unit tests for TestPreparePostForClient
    * MM-11272 Added emojis from reactions to Post.Emojis
    * MM-11272 Always update post.UpdateAt when reactions change to bust cache
    * Fixed merge conflicts
    * Moved post metadata-related code into its own file
    * Update store mocks
    * Fixed typo
    * Add missing license headers
    * Updated post metadata tests when custom emojis are disabled
    * Fix unreliable unit tests
    * Fix inconsistent casing in SQL statements
    * Fix blank line
    * Invalidate store cache after making changes
    * Clear post cache synchronously with reactions
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