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    MM-8622: Improved plugin error reporting (#8737) · 847c181e
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * allow `Wait()`ing on the supervisor
    In the event the plugin supervisor shuts down a plugin for crashing too
    many times, the new `Wait()` interface allows the `ActivatePlugin` to
    accept a callback function to trigger when `supervisor.Wait()` returns.
    If the supervisor shuts down normally, this callback is invoked with
    a nil error, otherwise any error reported by the supervisor is passed
    * improve plugin activation/deactivation logic
    Avoid triggering activation of previously failed-to-start plugins just
    becase something in the configuration changed. Now, intelligently
    compare the global enable bit as well as the each individual plugin's
    enabled bit.
    * expose store to manipulate PluginStatuses
    * expose API to fetch plugin statuses
    * keep track of whether or not plugin sandboxing is supported
    * transition plugin statuses
    * restore error on plugin activation if already active
    * don't initialize test plugins until successfully loaded
    * emit websocket events when plugin statuses change
    * skip pruning if already initialized
    * MM-8622: maintain plugin statuses in memory
    Switch away from persisting plugin statuses to the database, and
    maintain in memory instead. This will be followed by a cluster interface
    to query the in-memory status of plugin statuses from all cluster nodes.
    At the same time, rename `cluster_discovery_id` on the `PluginStatus`
    model object to `cluster_id`.
    * MM-8622: aggregate plugin statuses across cluster
    * fetch cluster plugin statuses when emitting websocket notification
    * address unit test fixes after rebasing
    * relax (poor) racey unit test re: supervisor.Wait()
    * make store-mocks
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