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    PLT-3077 Add group messaging (#5489) · 3a91d4e5
    Joram Wilander authored
    * Implement server changes for group messaging
    * Majority of client-side implementation
    * Some server updates
    * Added new React multiselect component
    * Fix style issues
    * Add custom renderer for options
    * Fix model test
    * Update ENTER functionality for multiselect control
    * Remove buttons from multiselect UI control
    * Updating group messaging UI (#5524)
    * Move filter controls up a component level
    * Scroll with arrow keys
    * Updating mobile layout for multiselect (#5534)
    * Fix race condition when backspacing quickly
    * Hidden or new GMs show up for regular messages
    * Add overriding of number remaining text
    * Add UI filtering for team if config setting set
    * Add icon to channel switcher and class prop to status icon
    * Minor updates per feedback
    * Improving group messaging UI (#5563)
    * UX changes per feedback
    * Update email for group messages
    * UI fixes for group messaging (#5587)
    * Fix missing localization string
    * Add maximum users message when adding members to GM
    * Fix input clearing on Android
    * Updating group messaging UI (#5603)
    * Updating UI for group messaging (#5604)
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