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    XYZ-37: Advanced Permissions Phase 1 Backend. (#8159) · e1cd6461
    George Goldberg authored
    * XYZ-13: Update Permission and Role structs to new design.
    * XYZ-10: Role store.
    * XYZ-9/XYZ-44: Roles API endpoints and WebSocket message.
    * XYZ-8: Switch server permissions checks to store backed roles.
    * XYZ-58: Proper validation of roles where required.
    * XYZ-11/XYZ-55: Migration to store backed roles from policy config.
    * XYZ-37: Update unit tests to work with database roles.
    * XYZ-56: Remove the "guest" role.
    * Changes to SetDefaultRolesFromConfig.
    * Short-circuit the store if nothing has changed.
    * Address first round of review comments.
    * Address second round of review comments.
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