Commit 164e030d authored by Jesús Espino's avatar Jesús Espino Committed by Elias Nahum

MM-11008: Fix translation and change the code to be auto-extracted (#9009)

parent 41d2a9f4
......@@ -397,13 +397,13 @@ func (a *App) UpdateChannelPrivacy(oldChannel *model.Channel, user *model.User)
func (a *App) postChannelPrivacyMessage(user *model.User, channel *model.Channel) *model.AppError {
privacy := (map[string]string{
model.CHANNEL_OPEN: "private_to_public",
model.CHANNEL_PRIVATE: "public_to_private",
message := (map[string]string{
model.CHANNEL_OPEN: utils.T(""),
model.CHANNEL_PRIVATE: utils.T(""),
post := &model.Post{
ChannelId: channel.Id,
Message: utils.T("" + privacy),
Message: message,
UserId: user.Id,
Props: model.StringInterface{
......@@ -99,6 +99,14 @@
"id": "",
"translation": "Can not add user to this channel type"
"id": "",
"translation": "This channel has been converted to a Public Channel and can be joined by any team member."
"id": "",
"translation": "This channel has been converted to a Private Channel."
"id": "",
"translation": "This default channel cannot be converted into a private channel."
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