Unverified Commit 441c8741 authored by Joram Wilander's avatar Joram Wilander Committed by GitHub

Fix compile error caused by bad merge (#9176)

* Fix compile error caused by bad merge

* Fix

* Fix
parent 835c0871
......@@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ func (g *apiRPCClient) LoadPluginConfiguration(dest interface{}) error {
log.Printf("RPC call to LoadPluginConfiguration API failed: %s", err.Error())
if err := json.Unmarshal(_returns.A, dest); err != nil {
g.log.Error("LoadPluginConfiguration API failed to unmarshal.", mlog.Err(err))
log.Printf("LoadPluginConfiguration API failed to unmarshal: %s", err.Error())
return nil
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