Commit b43b8480 authored by Shodiq Muhammad's avatar Shodiq Muhammad Committed by Ben Schumacher
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change t.Fatal to assert.Equal in post_list_test.go (#12678)

parent bc1ae7e9
......@@ -24,17 +24,9 @@ func TestPostListJson(t *testing.T) {
json := pl.ToJson()
rpl := PostListFromJson(strings.NewReader(json))
if rpl.Posts[p1.Id].Message != p1.Message {
t.Fatal("failed to serialize")
if rpl.Posts[p2.Id].Message != p2.Message {
t.Fatal("failed to serialize")
if rpl.Order[1] != p2.Id {
t.Fatal("failed to serialize")
assert.Equal(t, p1.Message, rpl.Posts[p1.Id].Message, "failed to serialize p1 message")
assert.Equal(t, p2.Message, rpl.Posts[p2.Id].Message, "failed to serialize p2 message")
assert.Equal(t, p2.Id, rpl.Order[1], "failed to serialize p2 Id")
func TestPostListExtend(t *testing.T) {
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