Commit ef69d93a authored by Chris's avatar Chris Committed by Harrison Healey

add one more config test (#7853)

parent 95133098
// Copyright (c) 2015-present Mattermost, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// See License.txt for license information.
package main
import (
func TestConfigFlag(t *testing.T) {
dir, err := ioutil.TempDir("", "")
require.NoError(t, err)
defer os.RemoveAll(dir)
config := utils.LoadGlobalConfig("config.json")
configPath := filepath.Join(dir, "foo.json")
require.NoError(t, ioutil.WriteFile(configPath, []byte(config.ToJson()), 0600))
os.Mkdir(filepath.Join(dir, "i18n"), 0700)
i18n, ok := utils.FindDir("i18n")
require.True(t, ok)
en, err := os.Open(filepath.Join(i18n, "en.json"))
require.NoError(t, err)
defer en.Close()
dest, err := os.OpenFile(filepath.Join(dir, "i18n", "en.json"), os.O_RDWR|os.O_CREATE|os.O_TRUNC, 0600)
require.NoError(t, err)
defer dest.Close()
_, err = io.Copy(dest, en)
require.NoError(t, err)
prevDir, err := os.Getwd()
require.NoError(t, err)
defer os.Chdir(prevDir)
require.Error(t, runCommand(t, "version"))
checkCommand(t, "--config", "foo.json", "version")
checkCommand(t, "--config", "./foo.json", "version")
checkCommand(t, "--config", configPath, "version")
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