1. 04 May, 2017 1 commit
  2. 12 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Harrison Healey's avatar
      PLT-5860 Updated copyright date (#6058) · fb6f2a12
      Harrison Healey authored
      * PLT-5860 Updated copyright date in about modal
      * PLT-5860 Updated copyright notice in JSX files
      * PLT-5860 Updated copyright notice in go files
      * Fixed misc copyright dates
      * Fixed component snapshots
  3. 07 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  4. 04 Apr, 2017 1 commit
  5. 24 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • bonespiked's avatar
      Ticket 4665 - Emoji Picker (#5157) · 28ad6451
      bonespiked authored
      *  #4665  Added EmojiPicker
      Work primarily by @broernr-de and @harrison on pre-release.mattermost.com
      * Final fixes to handle custom emojis from internal review and single merge error
      * ESLint fixes
      * CSS changes and other code to support emoji picker in reply window
      * Fix for file upload and emoji picker icon positions on post and comment.
      RHS emoji picker appearing see-through at this time.
      * Fix for two ESLint issues.
      * covered most of feedback:
      RHS emoji picker looks correct color-wise
      RHS emoji picker dynamically positions against height of thread size (post + reply messages)
      escape closes emoji window
      search box focused on open
      ESLint fixes against other files
      oversized emoji preview fixes
      * Adding in 'outside click' eventing to dismiss the emoji window
      * Changing some formatting to fix mismatch between my local eslant rules and jenkins.
      * adding alternative import method due to downstream testing errors
      * yet another attempt to retain functionality and pass tests - skipping import of browser store
      * fix for feedback items 5 and 7:
      * move search to float on top with stylistic changes
      * whitespace in the header (+1 squashed commit)
      Squashed commits:
      [6a26d32] changes that address items
      1, 2, 6, 8, and 9 of latest feedback
      * Fix for attachment preview location on mobile
      * Fix for latest rounds of feedback
      * fixing eslint issue
      * making emojipicker sprite based, fixing alignments
      * Fix for emoji quality, fixing some behavior (hover background and cursor settings)
      undoing config changes
      * Preview feature for emojis
      * Adjustments to config file, and changing layout/design of attachment and emoji icon.
      * manual revert from master branch for config.json
      * reverting paperclip and fixing alignments.  Additionally fixing inadvertent display of picker on mobile.
      * CSS changes to try to fix the hover behavior - currently working for emoji picker (when enabled), but hover for attachment isn't working
      * Made suggested changes by jwilander except for jQuery removal
      * Adding hover for both icons
      * removal of some usages of jQuery
      * Fix for two layout issues on IE11/Edge
      * UI improvements for emoji picker
      * Fix for many minor display issues
      * fix for additional appearance items
      * fix to two minor UI items
      * A little extra padding for IE11
      * fix for IE11 scroll issue, and removing align attribute on img tag which was throwing js error
      * fixes some display issues on firefox
      * fix for uneven sides of emojis
      * fix for eslint issues that I didn't introduce
      * fix for missing bottom edge of RHS emojipicker.  also fixing text overlapping icons on text area (including RHS)
      * Update "emoji selector" to "emoji picker"
      * changes for code review
      - removal of ..getDOMNode
      - use sprite imagery for emoji preview
      - remove lastBlurAt from state as it wasn't used
      * fixes for:
      - fake custom emoji preview in picker
      - RHS scrollbar on preview
      * fix for minor alignment of preview emoji
  6. 28 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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  8. 23 Jan, 2017 1 commit
  9. 18 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Mika Andrianarijaona's avatar
      PLT-137: Disable upload button when max uploads reached (#5053) · 9eb57278
      Mika Andrianarijaona authored
      * Change upload button color opacity when max reached
      * Display max upload message
      * Remove error when deleting preview
      * Clear error message in side-bar
      when user reaches max upload and error is displayed in side-bar, removing one file won't remove error message
      * Scroll in preview after file upload in sidebar
  10. 30 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Harrison Healey's avatar
      PLT-3105 Files table migration (#4068) · 8a0e649f
      Harrison Healey authored
      * Implemented initial changes for files table
      * Removed *_benchmark_test.go files
      * Re-implemented GetPublicFile and added support for old path
      * Localization for files table
      * Moved file system code into utils package
      * Finished server-side changes and added initial upgrade script
      * Added getPostFiles api
      * Re-add Extension and HasPreviewImage fields to FileInfo
      * Removed unused translation
      * Fixed merge conflicts left over after permissions changes
      * Forced FileInfo.extension to be lower case
      * Changed FileUploadResponse to contain the FileInfos instead of FileIds
      * Fixed permissions on getFile* calls
      * Fixed notifications for file uploads
      * Added initial version of client code for files changes
      * Permanently added FileIds field to Post object and removed Post.HasFiles
      * Updated PostStore.Update to be usable in more circumstances
      * Re-added Filenames field and switched file migration to be entirely lazy-loaded
      * Increased max listener count for FileStore
      * Removed unused fileInfoCache
      * Moved file system code back into api
      * Removed duplicate test case
      * Fixed unit test running on ports other than 8065
      * Renamed HasPermissionToPostContext to HasPermissionToChannelByPostContext
      * Refactored handleImages to make it more easily understandable
      * Renamed getPostFiles to getFileInfosForPost
      * Re-added pre-FileIds posts to analytics
      * Changed files to be saved as their ids as opposed to id/filename.ext
      * Renamed FileInfo.UserId to FileInfo.CreatorId
      * Fixed detection of language in CodePreview
      * Fixed switching between threads in the RHS not loading new files
      * Add serverside protection against a rare bug where the client sends the same file twice for a single post
      * Refactored the important parts of uploadFile api call into a function that can be called without a web context
  11. 03 Aug, 2016 1 commit
    • Harrison Healey's avatar
      PLT-3640 Add mobile landing pages (#3674) · 1de3bd3b
      Harrison Healey authored
      * PLT-3640 Moved all clientside user agent snooping into a single file
      * PLT-3640 Added mobile landing pages on login to iOS and Android web apps
      * PLT-3640 Moved landing page to appear before first login
      * PLT-3640 Fixed detection of Chrome on Android
      * PLT-3640 Disabled mobile landing pages when their respective URLs are set to blank
  12. 22 Jul, 2016 1 commit
  13. 19 Jul, 2016 1 commit
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  15. 06 Jul, 2016 1 commit
  16. 05 Jul, 2016 2 commits
    • Asaad Mahmood's avatar
      PLT-3418, PLT-2950, PLT-3375, PLT-3382, PLT-3446, PLT-3465: Multiple UI Improvements (#3449) · f91b9d4a
      Asaad Mahmood authored
      Improving help text margins
      Updating changes for get link and create post files
      Fixing icon for select team screen
      Fixing styles for select team button
      Adding improvements to posts UI
      Adding improvement to post layout
      Updating changes for post controls
      Updating z-index for sidebar--right
      Updating help text position
      Fixing code for posts
      Fixing css for post view
      Pushing improvements for posts view
      Updating changes for post view
      Updating post layout
      Fixing system time css
      Updating header for system posts
      Updating post css
      Removing opacity and changing color for system messages
      Simplifying root post and system post behaviour
      Removing images from compact view
      Updating help text for display
      Updating embed preview text for advanced option
      PLT-3490 - Fixing RHS issue on Edge
    • Thomas Balthazar's avatar
      PLT-1316/PLT-3280 Change client-side max file size limit (#3354) · f4dd8e57
      Thomas Balthazar authored
      * Change client-side max file size limit
      It now relies on the value set in config.json.
      Re-enable and tweak the max file size setting in system console.
      * Update file upload error message
  17. 15 Jun, 2016 1 commit
  18. 12 May, 2016 1 commit
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  24. 29 Apr, 2016 1 commit
  25. 22 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • Corey Hulen's avatar
      PLT-2057 User as a first class object (#2648) · 2e5617c2
      Corey Hulen authored
      * Adding TeamMember to system
      * Fixing all unit tests on the backend
      * Fixing merge conflicts
      * Fixing merge conflict
      * Adding javascript unit tests
      * Adding TeamMember to system
      * Fixing all unit tests on the backend
      * Fixing merge conflicts
      * Fixing merge conflict
      * Adding javascript unit tests
      * Adding client side unit test
      * Cleaning up the clint side tests
      * Fixing msg
      * Adding more client side unit tests
      * Adding more using tests
      * Adding last bit of client side unit tests and adding make cmd
      * Fixing bad merge
      * Fixing libraries
      * Updating to new client side API
      * Fixing borken unit test
      * Fixing unit tests
      * ugg...trying to beat gofmt
      * ugg...trying to beat gofmt
      * Cleaning up remainder of the server side routes
      * Adding inital load api
      * Increased coverage of webhook unit tests (#2660)
      * Adding loading ... to root html
      * Fixing bad merge
      * Removing explicit content type so superagent will guess corectly (#2685)
      * Fixing merge and unit tests
      * Adding create team UI
      * Fixing signup flows
      * Adding LDAP unit tests and enterprise unit test helper (#2702)
      * Add the ability to reset MFA from the commandline (#2706)
      * Fixing compliance unit tests
      * Fixing client side tests
      * Adding open server to system console
      * Moving websocket connection
      * Fixing unit test
      * Fixing unit tests
      * Fixing unit tests
      * Adding nickname and more LDAP unit tests (#2717)
      * Adding join open teams
      * Cleaning up all TODOs in the code
      * Fixing web sockets
      * Removing unused webockets file
      * PLT-2533 Add the ability to reset a user's MFA from the system console (#2715)
      * Add the ability to reset a user's MFA from the system console
      * Add client side unit test for adminResetMfa
      * Reorganizing authentication to fix LDAP error message (#2723)
      * Fixing failing unit test
      * Initial upgrade db code
      * Adding upgrade script
      * Fixing upgrade script after running on core
      * Update OAuth and Claim routes to work with user model changes (#2739)
      * Fixing perminant deletion. Adding ability to delete all user and the entire database (#2740)
      * Fixing team invite ldap login call (#2741)
      * Fixing bluebar and some img stuff
      * Fix all the different file upload web utils (#2743)
      * Fixing invalid session redirect (#2744)
      * Redirect on bad channel name (#2746)
      * Fixing a bunch of issue and removing dead code
      * Patch to fix error message on leave channel (#2747)
      * Setting EnableOpenServer to false by default
      * Fixing config
      * Fixing upgrade
      * Fixing reported bugs
      * Bug fixes for PLT-2057
      * PLT-2563 Redo password recovery to use a database table (#2745)
      * Redo password recovery to use a database table
      * Update reset password audits
      * Split out admin and user reset password APIs to be separate
      * Delete password recovery when user is permanently deleted
      * Consolidate password resetting into a single function
      * Removed private channels as an option for outgoing webhooks (#2752)
      * PLT-2577/PLT-2552 Fixes for backstage (#2753)
      * Added URL to incoming webhook list
      * Fixed client functions for adding/removing integrations
      * Disallowed slash commands without trigger words
      * Fixed clientside handling of errors on AddCommand page
      * Minor auth cleanup (#2758)
      * Changed EditPostModal to just close if you save without making any changes (#2759)
      * Renamed client -> Client in async_client.jsx and fixed eslint warnings (#2756)
      * Fixed url in channel info modal (#2755)
      * Fixing reported issues
      * Moving to version 3 of the apis
      * Fixing command unit tests (#2760)
      * Adding team admins
      * Fixing DM issue
      * Fixing eslint error
      * Properly set EditPostModal's originalText state in all cases (#2762)
      * Update client config check to assume features is defined if server is licensed (#2772)
      * Fixing url link
      * Fixing issue with websocket crashing when sending messages to different teams
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