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      PLT-4182 Fix incorrect listing for at-mention in comment (#4031) · bb69e986
      Yi EungJun authored
      * Add missing eol
      * PLT-4182 Fix incorrect listing for at-mention in comment
      Suggestion box for at-mention listed users for the center channel even
      if the current textbox is for reply for a post which belongs to a
      different channel.
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      Minor UI Improvements (#4033) · 80b2ce9c
      Asaad Mahmood authored
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      PLT-1759 - Auto-complete for !channels when posting messages. (#3890) · 8443ca58
      George Goldberg authored
      * Auto-complete for !channels when posting messages.
      This is part 1 of the fix for PLT-1759 to make channels linkable.
      Still to do:
      - Make the !channels clickable when they appear in messages. This is
        blocked until PR #3865 is resolved as it looks like that refactors
        some of the code that would be touched by making this change.
      - Unit tests. Again, I think the above referenced PR should be merged
        before tackling this.
      * Fix style problems.
      * Highlighting of !channel-names in messages.
      This only identifies the !channel-name (not the display name). The
      implementation of the auto-complete on channel names now needs to be
      modified to convert to the channel handle before sending the message.
      * Display !channel-name as !Display Name.
      When we encounter !channel-name in a message, display it as a link using
      the channel's actual name rather than it's handle (name).
      * Match on names and display name, and use name.
      * Autocomplete channels matching on both the name and the the display
      * Use the name as the text we fill in instead of the display name. It's
        potentially a bit ugly, but it minimises complexity for now as
        otherwise we'd have to do complicated things to the message box.
      * Fix style issues.
      * Load more channels everywhere.
      Whenever we load the list of channels, we should also load the list of
      more channels. This is to enable auto-completing and auto-linking of all
      channels whether or not the user is in them currently.
      * Include more channels in the map for linking.
      * Listen for channel list updates for autolinking.
      * Remove accidental console.log.
      * Autocomplete on more channels too.
      * i18n for channel autocomplete.
      * Link directly to channels in !channel mentions.
      This currently does not work if you aren't a member of that channel.
      Need to decide what the correct behaviour is in that case.
      * Fix style issues.
      * Show channel name and handle in suggestion.
      * Match channels only at start or after space.
      * Better matching in text-formatting.
      Only match channels after a space-type character or at the start in the
      posts list too.
      * Move the route construction to make tests work.
      Moves route-construction out of text_formatting.jsx and into utils.jsx
      so that the unit tests work once again.
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