1. 28 May, 2018 1 commit
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      MM-8622: Improved plugin error reporting (#8737) · 847c181e
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * allow `Wait()`ing on the supervisor
      In the event the plugin supervisor shuts down a plugin for crashing too
      many times, the new `Wait()` interface allows the `ActivatePlugin` to
      accept a callback function to trigger when `supervisor.Wait()` returns.
      If the supervisor shuts down normally, this callback is invoked with
      a nil error, otherwise any error reported by the supervisor is passed
      * improve plugin activation/deactivation logic
      Avoid triggering activation of previously failed-to-start plugins just
      becase something in the configuration changed. Now, intelligently
      compare the global enable bit as well as the each individual plugin's
      enabled bit.
      * expose store to manipulate PluginStatuses
      * expose API to fetch plugin statuses
      * keep track of whether or not plugin sandboxing is supported
      * transition plugin statuses
      * restore error on plugin activation if already active
      * don't initialize test plugins until successfully loaded
      * emit websocket events when plugin statuses change
      * skip pruning if already initialized
      * MM-8622: maintain plugin statuses in memory
      Switch away from persisting plugin statuses to the database, and
      maintain in memory instead. This will be followed by a cluster interface
      to query the in-memory status of plugin statuses from all cluster nodes.
      At the same time, rename `cluster_discovery_id` on the `PluginStatus`
      model object to `cluster_id`.
      * MM-8622: aggregate plugin statuses across cluster
      * fetch cluster plugin statuses when emitting websocket notification
      * address unit test fixes after rebasing
      * relax (poor) racey unit test re: supervisor.Wait()
      * make store-mocks
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      allow tuning *IdleConn* for intra-cluster messages (#8799) · 5c21bdc1
      Jesse Hallam authored
      * allow tuning *IdleConn* for inter cluster messages
      * default MaxIdleConnsPerHost to 128
    • Jesse Hallam's avatar
      MM-10649: soften Channels.ExtraUpdateAt deprecation (#8843) · 0a666a56
      Jesse Hallam authored
      The previous complete removal of this field resulted in an
      incompatibility with 4.x servers that could not handle the now null
      column field.
      Instead, ensure this field is at least always set to 0, with a plan to
      remove it altogether in a future release.
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      MM-8708 Remove api package (#8784) · 1f6c271b
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Remove api package
      * Remove api dependency from cmd package
      * Remove EnableAPIv3 setting
      * Update web tests
      * Add more websocket tests
      * Move some ws and oauth tests to api4 package
      * Move command tests into api4 package
      * Test fixes
      * Fix msg command test
      * Add some app file tests
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