1. 02 Mar, 2017 1 commit
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      PLT-3077 Add group messaging (#5489) · 3a91d4e5
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Implement server changes for group messaging
      * Majority of client-side implementation
      * Some server updates
      * Added new React multiselect component
      * Fix style issues
      * Add custom renderer for options
      * Fix model test
      * Update ENTER functionality for multiselect control
      * Remove buttons from multiselect UI control
      * Updating group messaging UI (#5524)
      * Move filter controls up a component level
      * Scroll with arrow keys
      * Updating mobile layout for multiselect (#5534)
      * Fix race condition when backspacing quickly
      * Hidden or new GMs show up for regular messages
      * Add overriding of number remaining text
      * Add UI filtering for team if config setting set
      * Add icon to channel switcher and class prop to status icon
      * Minor updates per feedback
      * Improving group messaging UI (#5563)
      * UX changes per feedback
      * Update email for group messages
      * UI fixes for group messaging (#5587)
      * Fix missing localization string
      * Add maximum users message when adding members to GM
      * Fix input clearing on Android
      * Updating group messaging UI (#5603)
      * Updating UI for group messaging (#5604)
  2. 27 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  3. 13 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  4. 19 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • enahum's avatar
      PLT-4167 Team Sidebar (#4569) · 999d1553
      enahum authored
      * PLT-4167 Team Sidebar
      * Address feedback from PM
      * change route from my_members to members
      * bug fixes
      * Updating styles for teams sidebar (#4681)
      * Added PM changes
      * Fix corner cases
      * Addressing feedback
      * use two different endpoints
      * Bug fixes
      * Rename model and client functions, using preferences to store last team and channel viewed
      * Fix mobile notification count and closing the team sidebar
      * unit test, fixed bad merge and retrieve from cached when available
      * bug fixes
      * use id for last channel in preferences, query optimization
      * Updating multi team css (#4830)
  5. 30 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Harrison Healey's avatar
      PLT-1378 Initial version of emoji reactions (#4520) · 165ad0d4
      Harrison Healey authored
      * Refactored emoji.json to support multiple aliases and emoji categories
      * Added custom category to emoji.jsx and stabilized all fields
      * Removed conflicting aliases for :mattermost: and 🇨🇦
      * fixup after store changes
      * Added emoji reactions
      * Removed reactions for an emoji when that emoji is deleted
      * Fixed incorrect test case
      * Renamed ReactionList to ReactionListView
      * Fixed 👍 and 👎 not showing up as possible reactions
      * Removed text emoticons from emoji reaction autocomplete
      * Changed emoji reactions to be sorted by the order that they were first created
      * Set a maximum number of listeners for the ReactionStore
      * Removed unused code from Textbox component
      * Fixed reaction permissions
      * Changed error code when trying to modify reactions for another user
      * Fixed merge conflicts
      * Properly applied theme colours to reactions
      * Fixed ESLint and gofmt errors
      * Fixed ReactionListContainer to properly update when its post prop changes
      * Removed unnecessary escape characters from reaction regexes
      * Shared reaction message pattern between CreatePost and CreateComment
      * Removed an unnecessary select query when saving a reaction
      * Changed reactions route to be under /reactions
      * Fixed copyright dates on newly added files
      * Removed debug code that prevented all unit tests from being ran
      * Cleaned up unnecessary code for reactions
      * Renamed ReactionStore.List to ReactionStore.GetForPost
  6. 22 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Corey Hulen's avatar
      PLT-4357 adding performance monitoring (#4622) · 7961599b
      Corey Hulen authored
      * WIP
      * WIP
      * Adding metrics collection
      * updating vendor packages
      * Adding metrics to config
      * Adding admin console page for perf monitoring
      * Updating glide
      * switching to tylerb/graceful
  7. 31 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      PLT-3562 Switch websocket over to post-connect authentication (#4327) · 316b155a
      Joram Wilander authored
      * Switch websocket over to post-connect authentication
      * Add ability to specify token in websocket js driver, add unit tests
      * Temporarily disable client websocket tests until issues are resolved
      * Minor refactoring and fix status test
      * Add isAuthenticated method to WebConn and minor status updates
  8. 20 Oct, 2016 1 commit
  9. 19 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Joram Wilander's avatar
      Merging performance branch into master (#4268) · 365b8b46
      Joram Wilander authored
      * improve performance on sendNotifications
      * Fix SQL queries
      * Remove get direct profiles, not needed anymore
      * Add raw data to error details if AppError fails to decode
      * men
      * Fix decode (#4052)
      * Fixing json decode
      * Adding unit test
      * Initial work for client scaling (#4051)
      * Begin adding paging to profiles API
      * Added more paging functionality
      * Finish hooking up admin console user lists
      * Add API for searching users and add searching to all user lists
      * Add lazy loading of profiles
      * Revert config.json
      * Fix unit tests and some style issues
      * Add GetProfilesFromList to Go driver and fix web unit test
      * Update etag for GetProfiles
      * Updating ui for filters and pagination (#4044)
      * Updating UI for pagination
      * Adjusting margins for filter row
      * Adjusting margin for specific modals
      * Adding relative padding to system console
      * Adjusting responsive view
      * Update client user tests
      * Minor fixes for direct messages modal (#4056)
      * Remove some unneeded initial load calls (#4057)
      * UX updates to user lists, added smart counts and bug fixes (#4059)
      * Improved getExplicitMentions and unit tests (#4064)
      * Refactor getting posts to lazy load profiles correctly (#4062)
      * Comment out SetActiveChannel test (#4066)
      * Profiler cpu, block, and memory profiler. (#4081)
      * Fix TestSetActiveChannel unit test (#4071)
      * Fixing build failure caused by dependancies updating (#4076)
      * Adding profiler
      * Fix admin_team_member_dropdown eslint errors
      * Bumping session cache size (#4077)
      * Bumping session cache size
      * Bumping status cache
      * Refactor how the client handles channel members to be large team friendly (#4106)
      * Refactor how the client handles channel members to be large team friendly
      * Change Id to ChannelId in ChannelStats model
      * Updated getChannelMember and getProfilesByIds routes to match proposal
      * Performance improvements (#4100)
      * Performance improvements
      * Fixing re-connect issue
      * Fixing error message
      * Some other minor perf tweaks
      * Some other minor perf tweaks
      * Fixing config file
      * Fixing buffer size
      * Fixing web socket send message
      * adding some error logging
      * fix getMe to be user required
      * Fix websocket event for new user
      * Fixing shutting down
      * Reverting web socket changes
      * Fixing logging lvl
      * Adding caching to GetMember
      * Adding some logging
      * Fixing caching
      * Fixing caching invalidate
      * Fixing direct message caching
      * Fixing caching
      * Fixing caching
      * Remove GetDirectProfiles from initial load
      * Adding logging and fixing websocket client
      * Adding back caching from bad merge.
      * Explicitly close go driver requests (#4162)
      * Refactored how the client handles team members to be more large team friendly (#4159)
      * Refactor getProfilesForDirectMessageList API into getAllProfiles API
      * Refactored how the client handles team members to be more large team friendly
      * Fix js error when receiving a notification
      * Fix JS error caused by current user being overwritten with sanitized version (#4165)
      * Adding error message to status failure (#4167)
      * Fix a few bugs caused by client scaling refactoring (#4170)
      * When there is no read replica, don't open a second set of connections to the master database (#4173)
      * Adding connection tacking to stats (#4174)
      * Reduce DB writes for statuses and other status related changes (#4175)
      * Fix bug preventing opening of DM channels from more modal (#4181)
      * 	Fixing socket timing error (#4183)
      * Fixing ping/pong handler
      * Fixing socket timing error
      * Commenting out status broadcasting
      * Removing user status changes
      * Removing user status changes
      * Removing user status changes
      * Removing user status changes
      * Adding DoPreComputeJson()
      * Performance improvements (#4194)
      * * Fix System Console Analytics queries
      * Add db.SetConnMaxLifetime to 15 minutes
      * Add "net/http/pprof" for profiling
      * Add FreeOSMemory() to manually release memory on reload config
      * Add flag to enable http profiler
      * Fix memory leak (#4197)
      * Fix memory leak
      * removed unneeded nil assignment
      * Fixing go routine leak (#4208)
      * Merge fixes
      * Merge fix
      * Refactored statuses to be queried by the client rather than broadcast by the server (#4212)
      * Refactored server code to reduce status broadcasts and to allow getting statuses by IDs
      * Refactor client code to periodically fetch statuses
      * Add store unit test for getting statuses by ids
      * Fix status unit test
      * Add getStatusesByIds REST API and move the client over to use that instead of the WebSocket
      * Adding multiple threads to websocket hub (#4230)
      * Adding multiple threads to websocket hub
      * Fixing unit tests
      * Fixing so websocket connections from the same user end up in the same… (#4240)
      * Fixing so websocket connections from the same user end up in the same list
      * Removing old comment
      * Refactor user autocomplete to query the server (#4239)
      * Add API for autocompleting users
      * Converted at mention autocomplete to query server
      * Converted user search autocomplete to query server
      * Switch autocomplete API naming to use term instead of username
      * Split autocomplete API into two, one for channels and for teams
      * Fix copy/paste error
      * Some final client scaling fixes (#4246)
      * Add lazy loading of profiles to integration pages
      * Add lazy loading of profiles to emoji page
      * Fix JS error when receiving post in select team menu and also clean up channel store
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  14. 12 Jul, 2016 1 commit