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    MM-11292: clean up plugins GoDoc (#9109) · 17f211c3
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * clean up plugins GoDoc:
    - eliminate plugin.NewBlankContext() as unnecessary
    - export ValidIdRegex as a string vs. the less readable var
    - add/update various documentation strings
    - hide everything by default, except where used by client plugins or the mattermost-server. The exception to this rule are the `*(Args|Returns)` structs which must be public for go-plugin, but are now prefixed with `Z_` with a warning not to use.
    - include a top-level example to get plugin authors started
    This is not a breaking change for existing plugins compiled against
    * remove commented out ServeHTTPResponseWriter
    * update examples to match developer docs
    * add missing plugin/doc.go license header
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