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    Timezone feature (#8185) · 74e703f5
    Chris Duarte authored
    * Add supported timezones into config
    Remove Timezone list creation in favor of timezone from configs
    Add Timezone field to Users table
    Clean up format of SupportedTimezones in config
    * Remove unwanted change
    * Add test for updating user timezone
    * Add empty map[string]string if Timezone is null
    * Add EnableTimezoneSelection config
    * Revert back to map[string]string for ClientConfig
    * Refactor SupportedTimezones into timezones.json
    * Include timezones.json in TestConfigFlag
    * Add timezone api endpoint
    * Bump varchar size to 256 and setMaxSize in user_store
    * Refactor LoadConfig to LoadConfig and LoadTimezoneConfig
    * Remove unnecessary argument in LoadConfig, mail_test
    * Add test for timezone endpoint
    * Add license header
    * Refactor timezones endpoint to system.go
    * Add system base route to timezone endpoint
    * db timezone upgrade in db v4.9
    * Avoid saving SupportedTimezones to config.json
    * Add timezonePath support in config
    * Remove EnableTimezoneSelection from config
    * Use return statement without return parameter
    * Refactor test for SupportedTimezones
    * Check for supportedTimezone != nil instead of using len
    * Decouple SupportedTimezones out of Config
    * Fix failing test
    * Add LastTeamIconUpdate back in upgrade.go
    * Write timezone config in config_flag_test
    * Add code fallback for default timezone support
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