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    Pr 9039 (#9187) · 5872bf9c
    Martin Kraft authored
    * MM-11065: Allow to search and get archived channels from the API
    * Fixing more tests
    * Add some unit tests
    * Add includeDeleted parameter to session permissions check function
    * More test fixing
    * Adding archive channels list in channels search
    * Add restriction for archived channel edition
    * Reverting permissions checks modification
    * Changed the query parameter to include_deleted
    * Enable search archive channels as true by default
    * Adding tests for verify search on deleted channels
    * Allowing to override archive channels during the imports
    * Fixed test
    * Search in archive channels from the API must be explicitly requested
    * Removing includeDeleted parameter from GetChannelByName and GetChannelByNameForTeam
    * Back to ViewArchivedChannels config
    * Fixing tests
    * Reverting GetChannelByName parameter
    * Add include deleted parameter on GetChannel functions in plugins api
    * Fixing tests
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