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    Dockerized build updated tests (#9943) · d39d9a5c
    Jesse Hallam authored
    * testlib: introduce and leverage
    This doesn't yet factor out the individual test helpers: many packages
    still rely on `api4` directly to do this, but now wire up the test store
    setup through this package. `app` and `store`, in particular, don't use
    `testlib` because of circular dependencies at the moment.
    * cmd: command_test.go: use api4 testlib
    * cmd: plugin_test.go: remove dependence on test-config.json
    * cmd: config_test.go use configured database settings
    * ensure test-(te|ee) exit with status code
    * test-server: run all tests, deprecating test-te/test-ee
    * cmd/mattermost/commands: fix unit tests
    Instead of relying on (and modifying) a config.json found in the current path, explicitly create a temporary one from defaults for each test. This was likely the source of various bugs over time, but specifically allows us to override the SqlSettings to point at the configured test database for all tests simultaneously.
    * wrap run/check into a test helper
    It was insufficient to set a config for each invocation of CheckCommand or RunCommand: some tests relied on the config having changed in a subsequent assertion. Instead, create a new test helper embedding api4.TestHelper. This has the nice advantage of cleaning up all the teardown.
    * additional TestConfigGet granularity
    * customized config path to avoid default location
    * be explicit if the storetest initialization fails
    * generate safe coverprofile names in the presence of subtests
    * additional TestConfigShow granularity
    * fix permission_test.go typo
    * fix webhook tests
    * actually flag.Parse() to skip database setup on os.Execed tests
    * fix recent regression in #9962, not caught by unit tests